Wellhead / Pipe Equipments

Wellhead / Pipe Equipments

Well Head Elbow Sets available on requests.

  • Lowering Equipment,
  • Well Head Elbow and tap,
  • Flange Adaptor,
  • Well Head Flange,
  • Reducer,
  • Coupling,
  • 8x11 Adaptor,
  • Chain Wrange.
  • Specifications
  • Technical Data

Sumpas manufactures;

Discharge heads are fabricated for specific requirements for new or existing installations. Sumpas can manufacture Type U, F, L, and T heads for vertical turbine installations. Submersible discharge heads are also manufactured to meet custom requirements. Base plates, sole plates, companion flanges, adaptors, reducers couplings and motor stands are also commonly furnished along with specified discharge heads.

Circular Head Slide: Sumpas Branded Head Slide available.

This Head Slides aim to help very easy installations.

Please watch the below installation video for more information;

Pipe Installation Video