Stainless Steel Submersible Pump

Stainless Steel Submersible Pump

General Informations:

  • Long life

  • High efficiency

  • High durability and easy installation

  • Easy service

  • Flanged with NEMA standards

  • Water lubricated rubber bearing

  • Built-in checkvalve to prevent back flow

  • Clock and Clockwise direction design

  • Specifications
  • Technical Data
  • Application

Stainless Steel Submersible Pumps are designed to produce more work with less energy and higher efficiency. They provide a long life and a stable performance with their superior material and production characteristics. Their reliable design reduces the lifetime cost (life cycle cost) and allows them to run economically.

Technical Features:

  • Max. capacity 290 m³/h
  • Max. head 900 m
  • Max. allowable sand content 50 g/m³
  • Complete stainless steel
  • Suitable connection in NEMA standarts
  • Long life and high efficiency
  • IP 68 Protection
  • AISI 304 Materials

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Application Areas:

Suitable to couple with deep-well submersible pump ends

  • Domestic – Drinking water supply

  • Fountains, Industrial water supply

  • Ponds, Gardens,

  • Agricultural irrigation, Sprinkler Systems and Mining

  • Geothermal Wells

  • Sea Water transfers