Light Serie Fixed Coupled Zero-ring Column Pipes (Up to 350m)

Light Serie Fixed Coupled Zero-ring Column Pipes (Up to 350m)

We Included Technology to Column Pipe, We manufactured Zero-Ring Column Pipe.

Bu using friction welding and forging technologies, we produced high tensile strength, %100 watertightness and easy installation submersible pump column/riser pipe.

**Chemical heat treatment**
We use the technology that increases the wear resistance of the thread in dozens of times.
Completely eliminates

  • Specifications
  • Technical Data
  • Application
  • Thicked Pin (Thread End) Zone,
  • Coupling (Box) Zone Welded with Friction Welding Technology,
  • More Thicker Coupling,
  • Tapered Threads according to API Standards with Technologic CNC Machines.
  • O-RING Special Sealing Ring.
  • Easy Installation
  • Appliying Laser Thermal Process Technology to all Threads,
  • 100% Tightness.
  • 20% Low Energy Cost.
  • Long life use.

The coupling (box) is fixing by friction connection method. This friction method is forming  defrostand and hot rolling simultaneous operation ,because of these reasons friction welding rupture is impossible.Other welding methods(submerged arc welding, inert-gaswelding, electrod eweldingetc.) weld by consumingly the wall thickness damaging.If we compare the rupture between friction welding and other methods, we can say 4mm friction  welding is equivalent to 6mm other methods as welding pipe. Friction welding technology  used in air craft  industry, OCTG industry, defense industry, automotive industry and other special application. Frictionwelding  is unrivaled…

Friction welding is not a welding method, is a  joining by hot rolling.

Column Pipes are threading to upseted (thickened) area  accordingto API standards.

Significance of watertightness;

Sealing o-ring  is used on  column pipes for ultra sealing even tolerate the mistakes in the course of assembling .Column pipes do not sealing on 50 bar water test.

On submersible pump system , efficiency is calculating   according to %100 sealing. Leakage  always consists on join area of column pipes. For this reason required feature is watertightness from column pipes. These leakage effects  pump system %8 - %20  of efficiency. This means that, to get equal to water , %8 - %20 extra paid  electric bill.

Water leakage at joining of column pipes threads will  decay from column pipe threads area. In a short time distortion at joining of column pipe threads will cause to rupture from threads. This situation will be big cost and big trouble.Drilling well becomes unusable .Our Zeroing Column Pipes do not seal , do not drip under 50 Bars  water pressure.

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link…

The threaded ends of the pipe  wall thickness  increase %100 as against to  pipe body wall thickness and so increasing the srength of thread. Remaining wallthickness from end of threads is higher than the others.

If describe the Column Pipes string as a chain rings, threaded area is as chain link.


List the advantages of Zeroing Column Pipes
*Our Zeroring Column pipes do not leak and pump system  efficiency does not loose.Energy cost reduce.
   *There is no lekage on connection threads.Because of that, deformation and molding  non-occurrence on threads.

*The pin end of column pipes wallthickness is %100 as against to  pipe body wall thickness.Because of that, in swagger downhole there is no load on threads and  in all conditions  threads protect and   no lekage on connection threads.

*Assemblying of Zeroring Column Pipes is easy than others and shorten the time  %50.

*Selecting the different wallthickness and different  composition of raw material  , available for geotermal deep well pumps.

* in comparison to other column pipes, zeroing column pipes are low-cost and highly productive.

All pin sides of Zeroring Column Pipes has heat treatment for anti galling.

Diameter (inch) Diameter (mm) Wall Thickness (e) Upsetted Wall Thickness (e) Package Pieces
1 1/4" 42,4 2,00mm 4,50mm 44
1 1/2" 48,3 2,00mm 4,50mm 37
2" 60,3 2,50mm 5,00mm 24
2 1/2" 76,1 2,50mm 5,00mm 19
3" 88,9 3,00mm 5,50mm 19
4" 114,3 3,50mm 7,00mm 10
5" 139,7 4,00mm 8,00mm 10
6 5/8" 168,3 4,00mm 8,00mm 10
8 5/8" 219,1 4,00mm 8,50mm 7
  • Drinking Water Wells,
  • Agricultural Irrigation,
  • Water Systems,
  • Deep Water Supply Up to 350m Depth (safely  assemblying up to 350 meters)