Chairman’s Message

Chairman’s Message


Self-confidence and satisfaction are probably the two words that best outline how we feel about what SUMPAS COLUMN PİPE has achieved during the past 40 years. Our passion for innovation and hard work to learn and improve are the key drivers of our success in business and in driving our industrial focus forward.

Increasing pressure from growth of global population and technological networking capabilities on one side, depletion of resources from the other is putting today’s businesses under a whole new level of competition. By the same token, we need to adapt strategies in business tailored to meet the needs of this highly competitive world, while still protecting and even enhancing our human and natural resources for future generations. Realizing our share of responsibility, resting on the shoulders of each member of SUMPAŞ A.Ş. we endeavor to be one of the most competitive companies in the industry with emphasis on innovation, efficiency, reliability and creating value.

Our vision is to be an exemplary service and industry group, recognized for excellence in its operations, ability to deliver true value and the skills and capacity of its employees. We relentlessly pursue this goal, through the utilization of good engineering and a bold approach towards innovation. In doing so, we further drive our innovative edge towards raising the living standards of our communities, protecting the nature and fighting against global climate change. As a company and as individuals, we feel great satisfaction in contributing to the world in which we live and work.

With kind regards,
Chairman of the Board